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Happy Holidays

Christmas Fire Hydrant


To those who believe that we are all better off if everyone gets a shot at the basics … Safety, Dignity, and Possibility.

To those who believe the natural world is beautiful and sacred, and that we need to live with it and not in spite of it.

To those who know that  we need  shelter, food, and love to be happy   …  the rest is bling.

To those who bring ideas to the table … not rules.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Hanukkah filled with Light


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In the spirit of Christmas


I suspect that the flood of traumatic and dramatic  information that washes over us every day as we go about our lives anesthetizes us, out of sheer survival, to the hard and horrible events in the world.  It couldn’t be otherwise. This information is nothing new. We are not a gentle species and nature is a force we seem to  perpetually underestimate. The difference is that we didn’t know then; not immediately. We know now, almost instantly. Sandy Hook is an exception to this rule for me.  The horror of this event in a place so like my own, inflicted on children so like my own, is inescapable.  As we move into this season of light, of hope, of possibility in the company of family and friends, burdened by those sad, sad stories and imagined nightmares, we can still hope; hope that our children are safe in their world, hope that there are warm and loving places that we can all get to, hope that we can see the goodness laid bare and treasure it, hope that we can offer up our own goodness to the world around us.   I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with fine moments. In the end, that is what we have.

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