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Russian Celebrities

Russian Celebrities

The Russians were back shooting more TV in February. It is hard to beat a 376 foot three masted Barque (See Tall Ships) for a location, but Gehry’s Disney Center is a pretty good problem to have. I was asked, once again, to do the print for the VTb24 Bank ADs (the second largest bank in Russia). The subjects were a popular Russian journalist, Leonid Parfyonov, and a film director, Valery Todorovsky. It is always fun hanging with the folks at Mechaniks (LA production company) and I go to school on Michael Norman the director. It is a lot of hurry up and wait, and then hurry up. I make a lot of friends on a film set by working fast.

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Tall Ships … What Goes Around

Tall Ships … a dream … at last

I got a call from a producer in Los Angeles to shoot print ads concurrent with the TV spots for a bank in Russia (VTb24). The subject, in this case, was the captain of the Kreuzenstern, a 3 masted barque, used for maritime training, and the second largest tall ship in the world. A week later I was on deck off Cape Cod, under a full moon and full sail. A long time ago I blew a chance to get up close and personal with tall ships. Different time, different John. I called my son and his comment was “Dad, you finally got your tall ship”. Yep.

More Shots

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