In Memory of Robert B. Parker

I first met Robert Parker in 1992. I remember driving up to his house in Cambridge, assigned by his long time publisher Putnam to produce an author portrait and publicity photos. I found him sitting on the front steps. I pulled up, rolled down the window and introduced myself. His response was to inform me that he had two expressions and then showed me a maniacal grin and a terrifying grimace. It was the beginning of long and productive relationship.

About every other year I would come back for a new set of photos (the last time was June 09), and I would like to think he cultivated a grudging respect for the work, implicit in the return engagements (that, or Joan liked me). I have photographed a lot of authors over the years and he was my favorite. He seemed to soften a touch with time, or maybe he was just waiting for me to grow up. Whatever the case, that gruff exterior belied a warm and generous heart. I will miss the grin and the grimace.

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