FYI … Some Changes and Additions

Changes | Studio | John Earle Photography

Interior of John Earle’s new Studio

There have been a number of changes in my business recently. I moved my studio down the hall last summer. The intention was to create a dedicated portrait space that could serve as both a commercial extension of my business as well as an incubator for ideas. The shooting space is small, but highly malleable affording me an efficient and intuitive workflow. A system of curtains and diffusers enables me to sculpt the light precisely; not to mention a sweet “north light” window.

Studio | Subject view | John Earle Photography

Subject View of John Earle Photography | New studio

Studio | Photographer view | John Earle Photography | new

Photographer’s view while shooting a portrait at John Earle Photography

Most important, it creates a quiet intimate space to have the interaction I like to have when I shoot portraits; a space where my subjects can feel safe and calm without the theater of a larger production. After many years of working exclusively on location; to be able to walk a few feet, flip some switches, and do work that matters to me is a real treat.


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